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River Stone: the book out in the world

River Stone on grass

It always produces a mix of trepidation and joy when your book goes out into the world. Will anyone read it? Will anyone like it? Will anyone connect with the characters and the ideas you've spent so much time on? I started writing River Stone in 2015 so it has been four years with Pandora and her friends.

Luckily, so far, I've really enjoyed the reactions to River Stone and I'm feeling just a little less anxious. Here's a few of the responses:

"River Stone is a cut above, and I think it will attract a large following ... [It] contains a strong warning: that our world is on the road to ecological disaster, and unless we act now and change the way we use the earth’s limited resources, we too will be destroyed. ... This message, however, doesn’t come across as preachy nor does it detract from the cracking pace of this book. I’m sure I won’t be alone in eagerly anticipating the next instalment in this stellar new series. " (Gaby Meares, Reading Time)

"This is a fantastic story of survival and heroism in a cruel new world. With strong themes of kinship, sustainability and duty, it will be a thought provoking read that is suitable for all teenagers." (Rob, Lamont Books)

"The journey to the city, their awe at seeing immense steel structures for the first time was like the wonder I’ve had when I’ve travelled to places with ancient temples, where seeing something is different to having a vague theory of what it is. Friendships and beliefs are tested and they will learn to rely on their inner strength and each other to keep going and stay alive. The encounters in the city will change everything, especially for Pandora. I am really looking forward to book 2 in this new series and seeing where it goes from here." (Claire's Reads and Reviews)

"While there are many other dystopian novels out on the market, River Stone manages to shine brightly against the rest." (Serena, Goodreads)

"River Stone is a post-apocalyptic tale of heroism in the face of impending doom. Great for all who love a thrilling story of adventure." (Charlton College, Victoria)

I was particularly happy to see the book appearing in some high school newsletters, knowing how important school libraries are in getting books to younger readers. Fly, pretty little book of mine, fly ...! (Clearly I have recently seen The Wizard of Oz ...)

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