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City Knife Book Cover. Blue stone background with a symbol on it (circle with three wavy lines and a knife piercing through it).

'City Knife is an aching testament to the meaning of being human in burning times. In this novel hope is both fragile and enduring, and the characters continue to seek connection, and to work for the good of their world, even when the challenges seem insurmountable. This is a song for the future, and a flat-out beautiful read.'

-Amy T Matthews, bestselling author of Someone Else's Bucket List


The creatures of the city are on the hunt. After years of being individually slaughtered, they have come together to make war on the wardens who created them. Fatima and Emmaline, of the River People, will fight for the survival of their village, and it is only Pandora who believes there has to be another way.


In the thrilling conclusion to The Burning Days trilogy, the sins of the past will be revealed and all hope for the future will be under attack.

Available in September 2023. Pre-order now at Booktopia or at your local bookstore.

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