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Mountain Arrow book cover image (red background with symbol on it, a circle with three wavy lines and an arrow piercing through it).

Mountain Arrow is a layered, dystopian YA, with touches of paranormal, that interrogates humanity's effect on our environment and our destructive and redemptive capacities. Pan is a compelling, gusty heroine.’ 
Rebecca Lim, author of Mercy and Afterlight


The River People and the Mountain People have survived for another season. But at what cost?


Pandora has returned to her village. She is haunted both by her failure to bring her friend home and the vision she has seen of the last days, The Burning, when creatures swarmed the city. How did these monsters come into being in the first place? And are the last remnants of humanity really safe from them?

Whilst Pan now knows how to shoot an arrow, she still still doesn’t know the shape of her own heart and the river stone remains in pieces …

Available now. Purchase now at Booktopia or at your local bookstore.

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